Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Juggling Act - Adventures of a Second Year Law student!

This second year of law has truly been one for the books! As we approach Easter I am reminded of just how close I am to the end of my second year of Law, with only a handful of lectures and seminars before its time to start preparing for those all important exams.

Over this last year, I volunteered to mentor some first year students, I was elected as one of the student representatives for my year, and as you all my third trimester of pregnancy, not to mention holding down a full time job to pay for it all! Thus the title of juggling has been tricky, but all well  worth it.

The subjects have been very interesting this year, Criminal Law has been my favourite, followed in quick succession by the Freedom of Expression module. Tort law has been interesting, but I am not as passionate about it as I am with the first two and last semester I studied Equality and Diversity with Dr. Brown, who happens to also be taking my Freedom of Expression module this semester. I always find her classes very interesting and thought provoking. At the beginning of this degree I was confused as to which area of law I would pursue as a career, but the more I study, the more I find myself falling in love with the different areas of law and my decision as to which area of law to pursue in particular is becoming increasingly more difficult!

Joining Birkbeck and studying Law has been one of the most enriching experiences, and although tough at times, well worth all the hours poured into it.

Till next time....

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Second Year Law – Second Trimester

So I’ve made it through to my second year of Law at Birkbeck. Looking back over the last year I am filled with a sense of achievement. I know it is only the first year, but just completing it, and moving to the next level is a truly satisfying feeling!

Now looking to the coming year I am filled with a whole other spectrum of emotions, fear, anticipation, anxiety, excitement…..the list could go on. Not only does this next year ahead look like an insurmountable amount of reading and work, I am also in the second trimester of pregnancy…just to keep things simple! I must say though, as much as I enjoyed my subjects last year, this year looks even more interesting! So although the reading and work is daunting, I am truly looking forward to throwing myself into the subjects. And as much as being pregnant whilst studying law is not ideal, I am ecstatic about my little miracle baby. So far… looks to be a very exciting year ahead.

The only truly scary clash between baby and study, is he/she is due on the 10th of May…..exactly around exam time. So could prove to be very interesting…..

On a separate note, I have volunteered to mentor some first year students, to share my experiences and give a bit of advice on navigating first year. This is along the same vein as the reason I first started this blog, to provide a resource for students studying law whilst holding down a full time job, and give some encouragement that it is possible as long as you are are committed and passionate about your subject. If you are a Birkbeck student and interested in being involved in this project, it has already kicked off, but there might be a few slots available. It is taking place from this week right through to December.

Till next time…