Friday, 11 February 2011

Overwhelmed? Fears of failure?

Whilst chatting to some of my law student mates at class, I discovered that there are a lot of fears and so in this blog, I would like to address a couple of them.

The first one is, if you miss a class, or get behind on your reading it is not the end of the world. Don’t give up at this point, you can come back from it. All you need to do is set some time aside to catch that reading up, and chat to your class mates about the lecture you missed. Luckily the university I go to (Birkbeck Law School) records and posts their lectures online, which is really handy for catching up when you have missed something. If your university does not do this, just ask a mate if you can borrow their class notes, or email the lecturer directly. They are often very understanding and only want to see you pass. There is a lot of support, don’t let the feeling of being behind overwhelm you and cause you to give up all together. All it takes a bit of structure and a bit of discipline. If you have Friday night drinks, give those a miss and head home a bit early to catch up on an hour or so reading. Figure out where your priorities lie.

Is this degree going to be your future career? Is this future career what you are desperately trying to get into? When you look at things from a wider perspective, you will see that missing those drinks on a Friday night for a few weeks is not going to be a great sacrifice compared with the reward of completing a degree in something you love! Also, remember your reasons for signing up in the first place. These will help you get through the tough times when you are questioning why you are putting yourself though this.

I hope this gives you some confidence that it really can be done. Remember, don’t let things get on top of you, just those extra couple of hours here and there will make all the difference between a pass and a fail, between feeling overwhelmed and feeling like you have accomplished something.

As always, any thoughts or comments are welcome at the bottom!

Until next time…..

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