Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Reading week over – did you go back to class?

So last week was reading week, and yes, I did do some reading. But not as much as I was hoping to, which left me feeling nervous about being back at class. Have a done enough? Will I feel like I am drowning? By the time I got to class I had worked myself up to such a state, I was thinking I better not go to class as I need to do much more to be ready. I got to the lecture a bit early to prepare myself for what was coming, the lecture started…..and I understood everything! Then it was time for the Seminar, which I was even more nervous about, as that is where we are asked questions about our reading and we prepare answers before each seminar. But more often than not the Seminar tutor will deviate from the prepared questions and just randomly fire questions to start up discussions. Which normally I love, but was feeling the pressure a bit last night.

Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and went to the seminar. To my surprise, I enjoyed it as much as I always do. We had some great discussions, and again I kept up with what was being discussed (which was PACE and Admissibility of confessions). After class I was perplexed as to how I had worked it up to such a huge thing in my mind, when actually all I needed to do was just need to remember the reason why I started studying law in the first place. Which is because I love to learn, and I love reading case law and finding out the reasoning behind decisions as well as the decisions that are made. I love the debate, the different viewpoints, the freedom to think outside the norm, outside everyday life.

So I chatted to some of class mates after the seminar, and explained what I had been feeling before, and to my surprise they had been feeling exactly the same! We had a good laugh at ourselves for feeling so nervous about coming back to class after a week off. I just hope that anyone else who was feeling like we did, did not choose not to come, as that would have been a real shame. We have a tendency to blow things up in our mind to such an extent that they seem like an absolute mountain to climb, when in actual fact, it is not that at all.

As always, comments are welcome. Hope you enjoyed reading. Till next time.


The Postulant said...

Hey, it happens to the best of us! I wondered why you were more cheerful today... I've really got to figure out how to change my username - Postulant was from another blog!

ali said...

Apparently 80% of the stuff we worry about doesn't come true. I always remind myself of that when I am working myself into a state and it seems to be true to form. Actually almost 100% doesn't happen, it sure makes me feel silly when I think about how pent up I was! x