Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Solicitor or Barrister - that is the question....

When you start out as a Law student, one of the first things you do whilst studying is question where your degree will take you, what future you have in store once you have completed that LLB or whichever qualifying law degree you are doing. In this particular article, I plan to explore the thoughts that have gone through my mind about which path to take, and what conclusions I have come to.

One of the first questions that enters any law students mind, particularly when you’re living the student life and every penny counts is, which career is going to bring me the most money? Shallow, I know, but at the same I would like to see any law student deny that thought passing through their mind at one stage or another. Once you have recovered from the shallowness of that thought, you focus more on what actually interests you and where your strengths lie.

For me, before deciding what to specialise in, I wanted to decide whether to be a Solicitor or a Barrister. There are pros and cons for both, and it is a tough decision. Being a Barrister appealed to me, so I enrolled with my university to join a mooting competition to find out whether I was any good at it. I would recommend this for anyone thinking about following the Barrister route. I had so much fun, but it was a lot of hard work and I had to give up several weekends to take part in the competition. From what I understand, it is much harder to qualify as a Barrister than it is a Solicitor, but this is just pure conjecture, as I do not know in fact if that is true. The mooting competition enforced my desire to become a Barrister, but as yet, I have not settled on that as my chosen path.

One of the reasons for holding off on the decision is, I am still only in my first year of Law, and still have plenty of time to decide, the other is, being a Barrister means a lot more fierce competition, where as a Solicitor is a much safer option in that there is much wider scope in terms of career options. I am open to comments and thoughts from others. I will continue to blog my journey, and see where we end up in four years, should be an interesting journey, stick around.


The Postulant said...

Even if you go for the safer option, there's still a lot of competition!

Good luck with your studies :)

Daniela said...

Hi "The Postulant",

Thanks for the comment, and the link, really helpful reading, great content. Might even do a blog purely on that. Ultimately, my goal is to blog my journey and help anyone else in the same position, so we can share ideas and hopefully get through it together.

Any input is always helpful!


The Postulant said...

I just found this on the Law Society website, which I thought might help:

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I love to choose Barrister. I know there is a great competition but hope that i will achieve my goal.