Tuesday, 29 March 2011

End of term for lectures….exam time….!

It’s a wonderful feeling coming to the end of my first year of law. Looking back, I have to say it has been one of my most interesting years! I remember the excitement of that first letter of acceptance, sitting in my first law lecture, soaking it all in. Now I’m sitting at the other side of my first year, and so glad to still be here, although at the same time, amazed that time has flown by so quickly!

That being said, although lectures and seminars are finished, there is one final HUGE hurdle to pass. EXAMS….! I have several rather large essays to write as well as a couple of exams to sit. The nerves have already set in. I found myself lying awake last night thinking about what I need to do to prepare. I am already having nightmares about the exams, and they are only happening in the last two weeks of May!

Luckily I have made some great friends this year, and I am sure we will all be meeting up to share our nervousness together!

Till next time…

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