Tuesday, 10 May 2011

LPC without a TC

This blog is particularly aimed at my law student contemporaries to help with their decisions about their future careers.

Recently there has been some debate on whether students should go on to get their Legal Practice Course (LPC) without a Training Contract (TC) in place. It is a huge financial risk to take, that is, doing the LPC without first securing a TC. There are increasingly limited number of TC's with a growing numbers of applicants. Some students do take the gamble, and go ahead and do the LPC without a TC in place, and succeed in getting jobs.

Saying this, although it is a gamble I wouldn’t recommend anyone takes, there is always pressure to take the LPC as the Bachelor Degree in Law (LLB) and the  Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) last 7 years, therefore you lose out on all the hard work in gaining those qualifications in order to do the LPC, whereas the LPC never expires. You only have to pass the LPC in the seven years after your LLB/GDL, not actually start to train or qualify. So as long as you have the academic course and LPC under your belt, the timer has stopped.

With this in mind, it is easy to see why students are keen to get the LPC under their belt, with or without a TC. But what happens to all the students who have spent a fortune educating themselves at their own expense, particularly with the looming hike in fees? All of this is wasted. It is a great worry, not only to me but to all my fellow law students as well. There are some hard questions ahead of us, some of which I hope to share answers with you as I come upon them.

To all those with exams in the next few weeks, good luck!

Till next time…

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