Thursday, 5 May 2011

Political stuff - where is the world headed?

I haven't blogged in a little while, mostly due to assignment stress. Having to get those two rather large assignments out the way didn't leave me with much time to do much of anything! Those have now been handed in, thank heavens, now just looking ahead to my exams in the coming weeks. So I thought in between handing in the assignments and getting ready to knuckle down to some serious cramming, I would do a quick blog. And my goodness, there is so much to talk about since I last blogged I don't even really know where to start! So I shall stand on my little soap box and begin.

I'm not much of a politics orientated individual, I see it, I hear about it, but just generally don't get involved. But recent events cannot go without a mention. So instead of rambling on for ages about EVERYTHING that has happened in the last couple of weeks. I have instead picked three subjects that I think would be most topical! No prizes for guessing which three!!

The first one is of course the death, or rather, execution of Osama bin Laden. I only have a couple of opinions on this, and I will most likely get a LOT of comments for my opinions, but none the less, I shall express them. Why, for example, if in actual fact they have killed him (as opposed to him dying of natural causes) are there no pictures or evidence? The media have stated that they are not going to publish pictures as they are worried it will insight hate crimes. Fair point, but then why do ‘they’(the proverbial they) publish pictures of all the other individuals executed? Surely if the point not to publish pictures was in order to keep the peace, then really they should not have published any of them? My next observation is the footage of all the rejoicing at the news of his death. Surely everyone is entitled to a fair trial? I’m not a fan of terrorism, in fact the opposite, I think it should be punished to the full extent. But only after a fair trial where he is found guilty, and upon that, given the death penalty. Disturbing times.

The second…you guessed it, the Royal Wedding! This was such a happy occasion, and something to truly rejoice over. My only opinion on this is, whoever organised that wedding should be running the country! It ran like clockwork….except for the random escaping horse! 

Finally, Nadine Dorries MP What was she thinking?? For my more international readers, Nadine Dorries is and MP that has proposed a Bill to teach young girls abstinence. Let me be clear on this point, I have nothing against abstinence, but since when is abstinence a female responsibility!? Nadine Dorries abstinence gambit is sexist, stupid and wrong!

On that very definite note, I am still smiling, just wondering what the world is coming to….

Till next time…

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Anonymous said...

Your views on Bin Laden couldn't have been voiced better!