Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Summer time – waiting for results

So now the first year of my law degree is finished, I have a sense of accomplishment combined with a little fear. The results of all my exams will only be out at the end of July, so a bit of a long nerve racking  wait. I thought today would be the best time reflect on the past year, and look ahead to what the future holds. This has been one of the most interesting years so far, I have argued in a moot competition, learnt things I had never even thought of before, made new friends and kept old ones. It has been such a rich and interesting year. There has been a fair share of working into the night on various assignments or cramming for exams, but if I had to, I would do it all over again. I cannot recommend Birkbeck Law more highly, their support system, their administration, their lecturers, they have been remarkable.

There is an interesting array of activities being run by the University over the summer. I will hopefully get the privilege to attend some of those and give you some feedback on how they go. Otherwise, I just want to wish you all a happy, sunny, summer! For those going into winter…my thoughts are with you… ;-)

As an aside, there is a brilliant blog done by one of my fellow students, with some really practical tips on what is involved with studying at Birkbeck, and can be found here. 

Till next time…

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