Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Second Year Law – Second Trimester

So I’ve made it through to my second year of Law at Birkbeck. Looking back over the last year I am filled with a sense of achievement. I know it is only the first year, but just completing it, and moving to the next level is a truly satisfying feeling!

Now looking to the coming year I am filled with a whole other spectrum of emotions, fear, anticipation, anxiety, excitement…..the list could go on. Not only does this next year ahead look like an insurmountable amount of reading and work, I am also in the second trimester of pregnancy…just to keep things simple! I must say though, as much as I enjoyed my subjects last year, this year looks even more interesting! So although the reading and work is daunting, I am truly looking forward to throwing myself into the subjects. And as much as being pregnant whilst studying law is not ideal, I am ecstatic about my little miracle baby. So far… looks to be a very exciting year ahead.

The only truly scary clash between baby and study, is he/she is due on the 10th of May…..exactly around exam time. So could prove to be very interesting…..

On a separate note, I have volunteered to mentor some first year students, to share my experiences and give a bit of advice on navigating first year. This is along the same vein as the reason I first started this blog, to provide a resource for students studying law whilst holding down a full time job, and give some encouragement that it is possible as long as you are are committed and passionate about your subject. If you are a Birkbeck student and interested in being involved in this project, it has already kicked off, but there might be a few slots available. It is taking place from this week right through to December.

Till next time…